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South China Morning Post 17 July 2009
LIFE | By Vivian Chen
Brewed awakening

Craig JacksonCafe chains mushrooming in almost every district in the city give an indication of how much coffee culture has grown here. But to many people walking out with a steaming cup of java, a barista is just the person who serves them a shot of caffeine rather than someone skilled at making espresso-based drinks.

Chan Tsz-king hopes to change that perception.

I don't think Hong Kong has a solid coffee culture yet, says the 26-year-old barista, who works at a trading company's in-house cafe. For me, real coffee shouldn't be served in a giant plastic cup or drunk through a slim straw. Many people are now buying caffeine rather than a cup of real enjoyment.

One of 17 people taking part in the city's first barista contest, Chan presents a picture of concentration during the elimination rounds last week. After handing each judge a cup of freshly roasted beans, he presses a button on his music player to send a jazzy tune wafting through the room before packing the ground beans to produce his first cups.

Daily Telegraph 11 May 2009

"Coffee Break" special advertising report

Angus_Mackie133Passion and a Perfect Brew

A multitude of sins are committed every day in cafes across Sydney, according to Paul Jackson.

Seeing a poor-quality blend, a disinterested barista or, horror of all horrors, a dirty machine, can really ruin his day.

Founder of the Danes Gourmet Coffee Institute and director of Danes Gourmet Coffee, Mr Jackson isn't ashamed to admit he's a little obsessive when it comes to coffee. In fact, it's an attribute he encourages in all aspiring baristas at the Institute.

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Care, attention, intention and passion. There's a coffee maker, then there's a barista - just like the difference between a cook and a chef.

Paul Jackson
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